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Email Marketing is the secret to keeping your customers and turning them into repeat customers. Email marketing offers your business a variety of benefits. Not only can you advertise relevant products and promotions, email marketing is a key tool in growing your brand and building your reputation and customer loyalty. Email marketing is also cost effective and environmentally friendly and when executed properly, is proven to give an excellent return on investment. Email marketing is also trackable and measurable, meaning that you can find out which emails are most effective for certain types of customers. Today, tens of millions of email-enabled devices are in use. With Smartphones, coupled with responsive designs, email marketing is more powerful and accessible than ever before.

Triggered emails bring a powerful combination of timeliness and relevance, and will give your brand a human touch. Wpromote will constantly monitor and test your email triggers to ensure amazing results. We make triggered emails better by:


At The Fortuno Group, we think of email as an incredible untapped opportunity. Our proven results have more than doubled sales for our clients. With our Email Marketing, you can unlock your hidden potential and draw out massive ROI you didn’t know existed.

Our customized and growth-oriented approach helps you manage:

List Management & Growth Segmentation & Personalization, Regular Campaign Optimization and Driven Customer Acquisition