Our core philosophies drive all of our interactions and are fundamental to what we do. Firstly, The Fortuno Group is dedicated to innovating. Innovation is the only way to stay ahead of the curve in the competitive online marketing landscape. The industry is constantly changing and without innovation, a company’s tactics and systems quickly become stale and obsolete. Each member of our team is well versed in technology; we are dedicated to adopting and leveraging technology to provide better systems for our clients.

The Fortuno Group is also dedicated to transparency and to the “Do No Harm” approach. We will always let you know what our team is working on for your business and how it contributes to your business goals. We are interested in pursuing a long term relationship with your business and will not pursue tactics that damage the long-term prospects and potential of your business.

We have the most Online Marketing knowhow packed into one team on the planet and we’re ready to put that knowledge to work for you today. That is, if we decide to work with you.We don’t take all on-comers as clients – we only work for companies we like and that are built to have a fighting chance against their competition. We prefer to keep our team small and our clients varied as we thrive on new challenges and aren’t interested in constantly adding to our headcount.If you think you’re ready to strap a rocket onto your revenue numbers and think your company has what it takes to partner with the best in Online Marketing, give us a call.


We’re smart, we’re experienced and we’re great at what we do. We’ve started, built and sold companies. We’ve been involved with technology and marketing since the beginning. Our experience has taught us to find answers and then go look for even better answers.

Sepanta Pahlavan


Sepantas experience in founding two online businesses and growing their revenue from a $100 investment to a combined 6 figures added with her adept ability to adopt new technologies and innovate has kept The Fortuno Group on the cutting edge in business practices and technology resources.

Erfan Riahi


When Erfan and his father moved to Canada, his father was on the verge of bankruptcy. Using his expertise of social media marketing, he strategically advertised his father's business on social media and turned it into a 6-figure business in a matter of months. Through this experience he uses his knowledge of strategic marketing and passion to help business owners reach their goals and work to their full potential.

Perfect advertising solution for
your brand

Together, we’ll leverage long-term solutions for nurturing leads and differentiating your brand. Comprehensive solutions that deliver consistent, measurable results and marketing leadership that will help you take things to the next level. Best of all... We provide concise reporting, monthly planning, and quarterly strategy. You’ll always know exactly what you’re doing and how you’re performing. Give us a call and ask us what makes us different from the rest, we will surprise!